Upper Glass Subscription: Pick Your Own Wines


We're trying a new kind of subscription that allows you to make your own wine selections each month. If you sign up for this subscription, you'll need to make your selections for the next month's box during the last week of each preceding month. If you don't make any selections, you'll receive our default picks in the same categories as you selected the previous month. 

For example, if you picked two reds, a white, and a rosé this month, and you don't make any selections for next month, you'll receive a different set of two reds, a white, and a rosé in your next box. 

We will iterate on the best combination of wines to offer in this subscription, but you can expect to see 10-12 wines, at least half of which will be red; the other (apx) half will be a mix of white, rosé, and sparkling, depending on each month's curation and the season. The "Pick Your Own" wines will include a mix of new picks and popular past selections.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the "Pick Your Own" wines may not include detailed tasting notes, and by definition may not align with the current month's theme. 

**Addresses beyond 12 miles of Boston will be shipped via UPS**

*ALL deliveries require signature by an adult of legal drinking age*

*If no one is typically present during the day, please send delivery to your office or other location where someone will be present to sign. We can generally coordinate the day (but not the time) of delivery.