Enjoying a meal at Brewer’s Fork is like being invited to a party hosted by Kari Cooney. She knows how to take care of her guests and give them what they didn’t know they needed. And Brewer’s Fork is the perfect weeknight spot to get everything you need.
This month we have charcuterie on the brain and all that goes with it. Prosciutto, pickled vegetables, and Kari's favorite (ours too) chicken liver mousse. Add any bottle of wine from this month's box and you have the perfect evening ahead. Spanish Priorat might sound just out of reach normally, but the La Cartuja Kari picked out for this month's box is approachble and so ready to drink. On the other hand, the Michel Delhommeau Muscadet, so refreshing, full of citrus and apple, would be fantastic with a bit of pâté spread across a fresh baguette slice. 
'Balance wines that you love and the wines you want people to drink. Curating the wine list was daunting but exciting. You have romantic notions about what you wine list is going to look like, but the reality is that you must give your guests what they want while at the same time challenging them. Achieving success by figuring out what’s important to us and our philosophy and providing guests with exciting wines is really satisfying.' - Kari Cooney

T H E  W I N E S 

  • Dolhommeau Muscadet Cuvée Harmonie: Light body, refined white with notes of unripe pear and sourdough bread. This white is perfect for a crowd. Pair with oysters, chévre, crudités and buffalo mozzarella and watch it shine! 
  • MWC Pinot Noir:Medium body, austere Pinot with a touch of spice that is balanced by notes of plum and cherry. Pair this red with manchego, chorizo and chicken liver pate. 
  • La Cartuja Priorat Full body and gripping red with notes of leather, milk chocolate and licorice. Enjoy this with gruyere, brie and marinated mushrooms.
  • 'La Nanda' Barbera d'Alba Full body, brawny red with notes of blueberry, dried fig and cocoa powder. Pair this with aged gouda, manchego and spiced olives. 


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