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Liz Alfonso is the Wine Director at Branch Line and even though she says she’s still getting her footing, she spent her first year as director thoughtfully crafting an interesting list that is incredibly approachable.
Having grown up in a restaurant family, Liz Alfonso has always enjoyed the fast-paced chaos and camaraderie the environment is known for. Combined with her own experience opening multiple locations for Legal Seafood, training programs, and developing her own taste in wine as part of the team at Branch Line, she has turned herself into quite an asset. She works closely with her staff to make her list as approachable as possible for customers because she knows how overwhelming ordering wine can be. She wants to create a welcoming environment for guests, so they feel comfortable asking questions, tasting new wines, and having conversations with the staff about what they like. Her hard work is already paying off because Branch Line has quickly become a Watertown favorite.
This month’s Cirò Rosso, which has extraordinary depth, is still friendly enough to attract anyone looking for a warm, comforting red. But the powerhouse of the February box, the Corsican “Cru des Agriate” from Domaine Giacometti is where Liz’s taste shines through. This blend of Grenache and Italian varietal, Nielluccio, is full of texture, notes of freshly cut herbs, black tea, and all the acidity you could want. If you haven’t yet made your way to Branch Line, these picks will certainly motivate you to visit. Cheers everyone!

T H E   W I N E S 

  • Bodegas La Val Albariño: Reliable Albariño acidity with unexpected weight. Spirited with an incredibly soft finish. Pair this with Branch Line's Roasted Persimmon Salad or Steamed Mussels!
  • Cantina Lilliu's Chida Rosso: This medium bodied red has a delightful cranberry tang, prickly heat, and lingering texture. BL's Bone-In Pork Chop or Cacio e Pepe.
  • Luigi Scala's Cirò Rosso:A full bodied red reminiscent of smoked meats, aged gouda, and ripe strawberries. Drink as much as you can. Pairs perfectly with BL Grilled Short Ribs or your favorite spicy sausage.
  • "Cru des Agriate" by Domaine Giacometti:  This full bodied stunner is herbaceous with powerful tannins and incredibly impressive acidity. It would pair perfectly with BL's Wood Grilled Steak or Mushroom Risotto.

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