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Haley & Kristie are back to curate this months box but this time representing their newest venture Nathálie Wine Bar, which opened last summer in Fenway. Who better to curate wines for women's month than the ladies who's wine list features nearly 70% female wine producers? 

Boston has always had an underground community of wine nerds, but Haley Fortier gave them the spotlight. Open any bottle on the list (with a two-glass commitment), and you can drink biodynamic, small production, wine from varietals you’ve probably never heard of.

The same way farmers helped us learn how and where our food was grown, Haley and Kristie want to help us understand how our wine is made.

Throughout history, all wine was made "naturally.” Juice was pressed from handpicked grapes from vines grown without the use of chemicals and fermented with naturally occurring yeasts in handmade ceramic jars called amphorae.
With the emergence of mass production in recent history, values shifted (in the opposite direction) from quality to quantity. Traditional winemaking practices were cast aside. Price became more important than provenance. Consumers stopped asking questions. Convenience in the supermarket became paramount.

It wasn’t until recently that terms like “organic,” “biodynamic,” and “sustainable” came into fashion, and for good reason. More and more people want to know where their food comes from. Haley and Kristie are showing us where their wines come from by featuring winemakers who really care about production methods.

They showcase wines made by families who, for generations, never strayed from traditional practices, to the more avant-garde winemakers focused on using natural methods and non-traditional varietals. Their priority was to focus on smaller producers, not necessarily natural winemakers. But they quickly realized that you can’t have a conversation about one without the other.

 T H E  W I N E S 

  • Eva Fricke, Rheingau Riesling QbA Trocken: Light, juicy white with electrifying, zesty acidity. Sip on as an aperitif or try it with fish & chips.  
  • "Sikele" Bianco: A medium bodied winter white that stands up to strong flavored pairings while maintaining elegance. Have some fun with this wine & tinned fish. 
  • Vin de Days Rouge Blushing red with notes of tart dark berries that go from juicy to kicking you with grippy tannins.
  • Tenuta Gorghi Tondi, Terre Siciliane Nero d'Avola:  Medium body red with subtle tannins and notes of fig jam. Perfect with beef stew on a snowy night!


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