New Favorites from Unlikely Places




Getting a customer to try something new can be an uphill battle no matter where a sommelier works. But at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington, Laura Staley has mastered this challenge by presenting her guests with a list of wines she knows they will love even if they don’t recognize them. Familiar favorites like the Ultraviolet Cabernet Sauvignon certainly appear, but with a twist. Over the years she has learned how to listen to her customers, understand what they want, and use her training to exceed their expectations. Sometimes this means opening something special, sometimes it means pouring a taste of something they’ve never heard of.
Laura has made it clear that she is willing to go above and beyond for anyone who walks through her doors. Her passion for wine and honest service is more than enough reason to visit Burlington’s Island Creek Oyster Bar.
"If you’ve tasted through every white wine by the glass and you’re not into it, I will open something by the bottle. That small act that doesn’t cost me anything, offers the opportunity for a larger conversation. Our willingness to allow them to try anything and everything is the best way to win people over. And people are impressed by the knowledge that our staff has. Working here is almost like taking a college course. But we know that people are more willing to trust us when we have the knowledge to back it up." - Laura Staley, ICOB Burlington
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