Womens Month: Wonder Women



When you walk into the restaurant you are automatically embraced by a new group of friends eagerly waiting to bring you plates of delicious snacks and open any bottle of wine you’d like. Haley Fortier and Kristie Weiss have created a warm, cozy atmosphere that is seriously fun. Killer playlists, happy faces, and a wine list unlike any other. This March as we celebrate National Women’s Month, there’s no one else we look to for inspiration.

It’s difficult to be objective when writing about friends. So, we imagined how we’d describe Nathálie to a stranger. Here’s what we’d say… There’s this place that’s owned and run by two women. Their menu features female winemakers and focuses primarily on natural wines. The food is delicious, and they play the best music. It feels like you’re at a friend’s house, except you’re sitting in an incredibly cool restaurant. It could so easily be an intimidatingly hip place, but it’s not. It’s a cozy, welcoming spot filled with genuinely kind people who just want to pour you a glass of wine. This is Nathálie.

Thanks to Haley Fortier and Kristie Weiss we have a place to chat with friends, meet new people, and sip on interesting wines produced by innovative female winemakers. This month enjoy Haley and Kristie’s picks and celebrate National Women’s Month.
'Haley Henry set the bar for natural wines, and Haley pushed Nathálie a little bit further choosing to feature female-made wines, which is harder, but then finding female-made natural wines is even more difficult, but that’s what makes us different.' -Kristie Weiss

T H E   W I N E S 

  • La Osa Albarin: Medium bodied, elegant white wine with notes of pineapple, cashmere and fresh thyme. If your cultured, elegant grandmother were a wine, she'd be this albariño. Pair this with bagel, schmear, capers, lox and watch it shine. 
  • La P'tit Velo: Light bodied and sultry, this white wine has notes of freshly cut grass and crisp asian pear. It reminds us of licking a rock, in a fun way. This independent chardonnay don't need no man. Enjoy with frisée salad and happy faces. 
  • Ocre Rouge: Medium bodied, bouncy red. Think rainer cherries on the beach. This red is unexpected and flirty, the way you wish every blind date would be. This goes hand in hand with cured tuna & your chicest scarf. 
  • Grelier 'Bordeaux Superiore' :  Full body, bewitching red with nuances of rose, sassafras and hershey kisses. This Merlot commands your attention and bosses you around. Watch this wine showoff with Nathálies flat iron steak. 

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