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There comes a time in many restaurateurs’ careers in which they lose the “spark” that perhaps drove them to get into the industry in the first place. Speaking to Deborah Hansen, chef/owner/sommelier of 20 year-old Taberna de Haro, it’s clear that she'll always have that passion to share her kitchen, wine and stories with all those fortunate enough to encounter her. She is a fountain of knowledge and her Spanish wine list has received numerous national recognitions specifically for her sherries (she has 85 on her list). Her sincere hospitality and expertise will make you want to jump on the next flight to Spain.

"I chose 'Know Your Dirt' because I’m finding that people want more and more information about the wine as well as the pleasure in their glass. People love to know what they are tasting and they love to know the provenance of their wine. When you tell them that this was grown in really chalky soils, they say 'oh is that why I taste that very drying component and that very dusty flavor.' YES it is! The finest Manzanillas have that." This was Deborah's response, when we inquired how she had chosen these particular wines to feature, from among so many she knows and loves. "Granito del Cadalso, it tastes like granite. It is so mineral, and granitic and it just takes it home for people . . ."

For Deborah, introducing people to the way soil can influence the flavor of wine is a way to open up a new way of tasting and thinking about wine: "the quintessential example of how you show someone that’s learning about wine where to pick up that note. You make it obvious for them in the best possible way. And then they can pick it up in other wines as they go deeper and deeper." We are excited to share wines this month that will open that path to you!


T H E   W I N E S

  • Frago do Corvo Godello: A textured, aromatic white from diverse soils. Enjoy this wine with a paprika spiced fish stew. 
  • Granito del Cadalso Garnacha:Mineral driven red that has enough body for food with enough layers to be consumed by itself. Sip on this with goat cheese toast.  
  • 'Les Argiles d'Orto Vins' Negre Fresh and fruit-driven red, showcasing the graceful sides of these grapes. Pair this earthy wine with griddled eggplant or cheese with saffron with a touch of honey.
  • Priorat 'Petit Pissarres' Youthful representation of the Priotat llicorella soil. This wine showcases bright fruit, followed by rocks and flowers. Watch this wine shine with a braised beef dish.
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