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Ted Kilpatrick certainly earns his glass of sparkling rosé at the end of the night. At an early age he realized that if he was going to be successful in the restaurant industry, he wanted to be the smartest person in the room. Having gained valuable experience at some of Boston's best restaurants (L’Espalier, Radius, No. 9 Park, o ya) Ted and his partner, Chef John daSilva, opened Chickadee last July. Their hard work and determination have made them an integral part of the community as a pioneer in the cultural development of the Seaport’s Innovation and Design Building.

"It’s not you fake it till you make it. In this industry, you’re only successful if you have a strong work ethic. You don’t get anywhere, especially not opening a place of your own, unless that's ingrained in you. I think that’s what John and I saw in each other." -Ted Kilpatrick

T H E  W I N E S 

  • Winnings Riesling: Medium-light, welcoming white with notes of d'anjou pear and cardamom. Try it with porchetta or a warm vegetable salad! 
  • Ulacia RoséA medium bodied rosé with notes of watermelon, tart strawberries and a light spritz. Pair this rosé with branzino, crudo or as an aperitif.  
  • Bourgogne Chitry Rouge:  A vibrant light bodied red with notes of fresh raspberry, black pepper and a refreshing finish. This is perfect with duck breast, salmon and mushroom ravioli. 
  • Nino Negri Quadrio Medium bodiedperfumed red with notes of ripe blackberry, cinnamon, clove and rose. This wine will shine with grilled lamb chops! 
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