Zero Proof Starter Pack - January 2024

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Our January add-on is 100% ABV-Free and full of our zero proof favorites! 

The Ghia signature flavor aperitif  is both bright and bitter, with a brush of sweetness and a savory finish. It’s an explosion of Ginger, yuzu, elderflower, rosemary, & lemon balm. It’s great on the rocks or with a little club soda. You’ll also get to try the Spritz Soda which is bubbly, botanical, and totally delicious. 

The box also includes four cans of our Recess faves. The Black Cherry and Blood Orange cans contain 10mg of CBD to give you that peaceful mellow feeling. We like to say drinking one feels like taking three deep breaths, but for an hour. They’re fabulous alcohol alternatives any time of year. The Strawberry Rose & Raspberry Lemon Mood cans are adaptogens only (cbd free). You get your daily dose of calming magnesium l-threonate in just one can. We aren’t lying when we say we drink these all day!

1 Ghia Aperitif

2 Recess Hemp (1 Black Cherry/1 Blood Orange)

2 Recess Mood (1 Strawberry Rose/1 Raspberry Lemon)

2 Ghia Le Spritz Soda