We’re In Love - 3-Pack

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Sometimes there’s a theme, and sometimes we just want to show off wines that we love. This 3-pack has just that. We are smitten with this cider pét-nat, skin-contact Tocai, and a red blend with a serious heritage. A $100 value

Piquenique Wines, Road Trip Pét Nat-Spitzenburg & Honeycrisp apples. Wispy, dry, and perfect for fondue. We can’t get enough.

Osa Major, Tocai Friulano -100% Tocai Fruilano. This baby orange makes a serious impact. Delicate texture and full of apricot and white peach. It’s way too easy to drink.

Edgard Dufès, Langlade-Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, & Cinsault. A restrained, savory, and incredibly delicious blend. Winemaker Elisabeth Van Der Bent is preserving a family history whose lineage goes back more than five centuries. She prefers to use the Languedoc appellation in favor of the more widely known Côtes du Rhône so she can continue making wines in a more Burgundian style. This is how the estate made wine during the reign of Louis XIV, who enjoyed them regularly. Hey now.