We Love Women in Wine - Women's Month 2021 Box

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Castell d'Age, Penedès 100% Orange 0% SO₂ 

Region: DO Penedès - Catalonia, Spain

Varietal: Garnatxa Blanca 

In Brief: White nectarine, marmalade, and orange blossom. This beautifully delicate skin-contact white is gonna cause some serious midsummer night dreams.

Fattoria del Pino, Vin Vale 

Region: Toscana IGT, Italy

Varietal: Sangiovese

In Brief: Stewed cranberries, perfectly chiseled tannins, and body like a back road. Curvy, rustic, and earthy. It’s delicious just try it.

Day Wines, Lemonade Rosé

Region: Chehalem Mountains AVA - Oregon, US

Varietal: Pinot Noir

In Brief: Light, snappy, and totally cool. Blood orange, Sour Patch Kids, and strawberries. I think we found our favorite rosé.

Domaine Réveille, Tous des Oiseaux

Region: IGP Côtes Catalanes - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Varietal: Carignan

In Brief: Funky but friendly! Once you wander past the barnyard, you're left with surprisingly clean acidity and something savory that reminds us of the best charcuterie. It's all held together with gentle but snappy tannins that make this wine so easy to drink.