Solo Rosso 4-Pack

For the red lovers… Montepulciano, Cannonau, Sangiovese, Primitivo. It doesn’t get more sultry than this. These powerhouse reds will get you through your next few dinner parties no problem. The soft & juicy Esino Rosso is so vibrant, full of dried oregano and red currant. The Chida, a beautifully warming blend of Cannonau (Grenahce), Bovale, & Syrah whose tannins are so firm. The newest wine to the Mucci portfolio, La Leccia Chianti. It’s chewy, savory, and we can’t get enough of it. And lastly, the Carisma Primitivo, possibly one of our favorite Mucci reds ever. Plummy, mouthwatering Primitivo that deserves something straight off your summer grill.

Col di Corte, Esino Rosso

Cantina Lilliu, Chida

La Leccia, Chianti Riserva 

Regina Viarum, Carisma Primitvo