So You Think You Like Pinot?

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Sandhi, Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Region: Santa Rita Hills AVA - California, US
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Blood orange, cranberry, star anise. You sneaky Pinot. Acid, fruit, and a slight grip. This is the wine you want on your dinner table.

Koehler-Ruprecht Pinot Noir

Region: Pfalz, Germany
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Ripe, it has popping acidity, and it has an alluring smoky nose that makes you feel like you are in a forest. A fleshy palate blend with light tannins giving it a rusticity without being rough. This Pinot Noir is a good option to unite both California and Burgundy Pinot Noir drinkers and will teach you that Germany has more to offer than the white wines it's more commonly known for. 

Domaine du Vissoux, Pierre-Marie Chermette, Moulin a Vent "Les Trois Roches" 2018

Region: Moulin-à-Vent AOC - Burgundy, France
Varietal: Gamay
Classic Beaujolais. Cherry Kirsch, subtle clove, and a little potpurri of violet. Just enough texture makes for smooth sipping.

Azienda Agricola COS, Nero di Lupo

Region: Vittoria DOC - Sicily, Italy
Varietal: Nero d'Avola
If you are a lover of Pinot Noir and haven't delved into the world of Nero d'Avola this is your chance. It's full of cranberries, red currant, and roasted tomatoes. There's a line of salinity that runs through it that just makes it glimmer. It's delicious.