Sherry Baby! 3-Pack

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Deborah Hansen curated this 3-pack  just for us as the perfect introduction to Sherry. The styles she chose represent how different (and delicious) fortified wines can be. We think that when you’re trying something new, it’s all about the pairings.These wines are meant to be enjoyed with food!

Valdespino, Deliciosa Manzanilla Sanlucar de Barrameda

A specially refreshing style of sherry that is made quite naturally in the seaside sherry town of Sanlucar. This sherry is dry and nutty with an incredibly savory finish. Pair it alongside some Manzanilla olives (wink wink), or with a plate full of hard cheeses and prosciutto. Our favorite is with roast chicken and lots of onions!

Lustau, Rare Escuadilla Amontillado

A Spanish word which originally described sherry in the style of Montilla. Today it has two related meanings in the sherry-making process. The basic fino wines become amontillado (Spanish for ‘like Montilla’) when the flor yeast dies and the wine is exposed to oxygen. The wine turns amber and tastes richer and nuttier. Pair this Amontillado with grilled salmon, charred asparagus, and lots of sautéed mushrooms. It’s absolutely delicious.

Cesar Floridio, Cruz Del Mar Oloroso

Olorosos age in greater contact with the air, turning dark brown and gaining in concentration with age. The alcoholic content increases with slow evaporation. This one is especially intriguing. It would pair perfectly with pork belly, barbecue, or rack of lamb with lots of rosemary. Hint hint, this sherry would be amazing alongside your Easter feasts!