Red Rover, Red Rover, Sending Your Red Wine Right Over 4-Pack

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Annesanti, Buttijone Rosso 1L - This wine is a raspberry Tootsie Pop in a bottle. Chocolaty Merlot alongside the meaty acidity of Barbera is the ultimate combo. It’s light at its core but has a delightfully snappy texture. Bring on the chillable reds! 

Monte Rio Cellars, Petite Sirah - It’s meaty, dusty, a little plummy, and incredibly savory. Its perky acidity really ignites your palate. Tannins are right where they should be, providing just a touch of grip which makes for a smooth finish. 

Casa Mouraz, Dão Tinto - Bright acidity and perfect texture with black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves, all over the place. The palate is full-bodied and structured, the finish is long and lingering. 

Quinta de la Quietud, In Quietud by Nature Tinto de Toro - Low intervention winemaking at its best. Powerful aroma of black fruits, balsamic and liquorice, with mineral tones. This is a full bodied red with incredible tannins.