Orgo Rkatsiteli Amber Wine

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Producer: Orgo
Region: Kisiskhevi, Kakheti
Country: Georgia
Grapes: Rkatsiteli

In Brief
Medium Body, Amber (aka Orange) Wine
Honeyed Stone Fruit, Dried Fruit, Almonds

The method of making Georgian amber wine has been around for more than 8000 years! Some people believe Georgia in fact is the birthplace of modern wine. Comparatively to white wine where the juice is taken immediately off its skins, amber wine is fermented on its skins for 5-6 months in clay pots called Qvevri. Orgo is made from the white local Rkatsiteli grape which is fermented on its skins for 6 months. What results is a fresh, friendly amber wine with notes of dried and fresh stone fruit, honey, and almonds. Its soft tannins are balanced with fresh acidity that keep the wine tasting youthful. Friendly and easy-drinking, Orgo is a great introduction to amber wine!

Orange wine should served at room temperature or light chilled!