Judith Beck Neuburger Bambule

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Producer: Judith Beck
Region: Burgenland
Country: Austria
Grapes: Neuburger

In Brief
Med-Full Bodied, Lower Acidity
Apple, Herb, Brioche, Fermenting Apples

Judith Beck is a beloved natural winemaker, and her take on orange wine is truly refreshing. Using a traditional grape that is given little attention these days, she has created a beautifully balanced and soft orange wine. Her Neuburger Bambule macerates on its skins for a little under a week before fermentation to keep tannin extraction and oxidation light, and then the wine is taken off its skins before fermentation begins. Great care is given to retain acidity during fermentation and during its year long maturation on the lees in neutral oak. What results is an easy-drinking, fresh orange wine with low acidity and delicious complexity!  Notes of apple, apple cider, brioche and herb.