Jean Pierre Robinot Comes To Dinner 2pk - Nov 2023

These wines are incredibly special and we’re so excited to be able to share them with you. Jean-Pierre Robinot is an icon of French winemaking having moved his way through the Paris restaurant scene, owning his own businesses and finally becoming a winemaker himself.Fêtembulles is a beautiful, naturally sparkling wine that is the ideal aperitif. 100% Chenin Blanc, it reminds us of Anjou pears and wet rocks. It is incredibly clean and bone dry. We’d expect nothing less of Mr. Robinot.Concerto di Venezia is mostly Cabernet Franc with just a little Pineau d’Aunis blended in. It’s bright, edgy and reminds us of the crunchy fall leaves that line our sidewalks. It has perfect tannins that have us wanting a medium rare petit filet asap. 

Jean-Pierre Robinot, Fêtembulles

Jean-Pierre Robinot, Concerto di Venezia Rouge