Fresh Blossoms - April 2022

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Le Petit Domaine, Démesure
Languedoc, France
Grape: Chenin Blanc
A lovely skin-contact white (aka orange wine) with fantastic texture. This wine is savory with notes of white button mushroom. So cheeky and fun.

Sfera, Macerato
Grape: Verdeca
Puglia IGT - Puglia, Italy
Historically, Verdeca has been used in the production of vermouth. But in Puglia it continues to be planted in small amounts as a blending grape. However, this expression is gorgeous on its own. After two week's maceration we’re left with a clean, zippy wine with structure. This wine is exactly what a skin-contact white should be. Get some while you still can!

La Sabbiona, Albana
Grape: Albana
Albana di Romagna DOCG - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
This skin contact white is so clean and refreshing. Acidity and warmth make it so versatile for pairing. Hay, mushrooms, and country fresh air. 

Cardedu, Bucce
San Vito di Luzzi DOC - Sardinia, Italy
Grapes: Nasco, Cannonau, Vermentino
A burst of sunshine in a bottle. It's a glassy, clean, skin-contact white that you will soon be addicted to. Think Valencia oranges and sea salt.