Drink Through Rosé Colored Glasses

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Summer Water

Region: Central Coast AVA - California

Grapes: Grenache, Syrah

Strawberries and blood oranges. Lots of fun acidity and so refreshing.

Domaine des Pothiers, Granit Rosé

Region: Côte Roannaise AOP - Loire Valley

Grape: Gamay St Romain

Bright, mineral-driven rosé that's an absolute delight to drink.

Ercole, Piemonte Rosato 1L

Region: Piedmont

Grapes: Barbera, Dolcetto

This blend is different every year and we haven’t been disappointed once. Zippy fruit, fantastic body, and with a liter there’s more than enough to go around. 

S’Antonio, Scaia Rosato

Region: Veneto IGT - Veneto

Grape: Rondinella

Bouncy Valencia orange, cherry candy, and a little Parmigiano Reggiano on the nose. Light, bright, and dry on the palate. This rosé is way better than it needs to be!