Champagne Hugues Godmé Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs

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Hugues Godmé is one of the most phenomenal growers in all of Champagne. If you love sparkling wine, this is next-level stuff! 

Golden straw colour; lively bubbles; white flowers with a hint of citrus on the nose; full-bodied, powerful wine on the palate due to the Pinot Noir; ample and complex. Worthy of any celebration, or just a special night in. 

For Godmé, top-quality vineyard work is the most important factor for determining quality in the glass: "From the time I see the grapes on the vine, I can imagine how the champagne will taste." He has long relied on organic techniques, observing that grapes cultivated according to organic principles developed more fully than those of neighboring, conventional wine makers. Because the vines push their roots deeper, they create higher concentrations, more acidity and a stunning minerality. Godmé's estate earned its organic certification in 2013.