Bubbling Over with Excitement 4-Pack - Aug 2022

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Château Barouillet Splash!

Region: Southwest - Bergerac, France

Grape: Sémillon

Bosc Pear, honeydew, and a little Captain Crunch. Incredibly refreshing. This pét-nat is so sharp, so clean, and way too refreshing. 

Filipa Pato, 3B Sparkling Rosé

Region: Bairrada DOC - Beiras

Country: Portugal

Grapes: Baga, Bical

Black raspberries, razor sharp, so pretty. A snap of acidity followed by lightly toasted notes of fennel and a delicately funky finish.

Glinavos, Ioannina Paleokerisio

Region: Ioannina - Epirus, Greece

Grapes: Debina, Vlahiko

Hundreds of years ago this wine would begin its fermentation during autumn in large vats. Fermentation would halt during the colder winter months and continue fermenting as spring began. Because of this, it retains a lovely pétillance. It’s refreshing, a little grippy, and savory. Turkish apricot, orange peel, and brand-new sneakers.

Tollara Gutturnio Frizzante Red

Region: Colli Piacentini IGT - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Grapes: Bonarda, Barbera

Blackberry, anise, dried rosemary. This wine is fresh as can be. Set yourself up with some hard cheeses and all the pizza you can manage.