4 Shades of Pink 4-Pack

Pink wine from all over the world! Spain, Corsica, Germany, Oregon.. Each region had given us something a little different but we love these wines equally. Rosado of Bobal from Castilla La Mancha full of cran-raspberry. A chic Corsican blend of Nielluccio, Sciaccarellu, & Grenache that’s one of our favorite rosés of all time. Zippy, mouthwatering Spätbugunder rosé that’s so so fresh. And the Big Salt Orange Rosé that’s, you guessed it, salty, clean, and wonderfully textured. You can’t miss!

Parajes del Valle Bobal Rosado

Domaine Petroni, Vin de Corse Rosé 

Weingut Loersch Spatburgunder Rosé

Ovum, Big Salt Orange Rosé