As the days grow longer and the nights become warmer, it’s important to recognize the importance of branching out and changing your surroundings, when you can. Step into a new restaurant, hike a new trail, make a new friend. Each month we bring a new story to you in the hope of transporting you somewhere different and exciting.

This May, we’re showing off four new wines chosen by Wine Director, Katie Hubbard. Let her choices take you through the hills of Piedmont and Basque Country. With each bottle, think about the different flavors and textures you experience and the time taken to craft each wine. Wind down and sip slowly. And if you have a chance, make your way to Cambridge and into Pammy’s. Just for a while, let time pass a little more slowly and enjoy the energy around you. Happy Springtime everyone!

T H E   W I N E S 

  • Giovanni Manzone, Rossese Bianco -Medium bodied & understated. A white wine with real substance. Sandcastles, lemon pith, & incredibly clean. Pair with Pammy's Lobster Ravioli.
  • Txomin Etxaniz, Getaria Rosé -Light bodied & frisky. Wild strawberry, Sea Salt, Fresh Watermelon. One sip and you're smiling. Spritzy, Txakoli full of watermelon rind & tomato water. Pair with Pammy's Hiramasa Crudo.
  • Angelo Negro, Vino Rosso -Medium bodied & lively. Violet, Pressed Rose, Black Raspberry. Light, bright, & totally chillable. Think Bing cherries & backyard BBQs. Pair with Pammy’s Lumache Bolognese.
  • Az. Agr. Crivelli Marco, 'Ruchè' -Full bodied & meaty. Black Raspberry, Balsam, Black Tea. A smack of fruit and tannins that never let go. Dried strawberries & fresh soil. Pair withPammy's Lamb Chops.
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