The Women We Count On: Spotlight on Violette Wine Imports

Sophie Kzirian & Anne Thompson, Violette Wine Imports


Importers play an integral role in the kind of wine that finds its way to your glass. They travel (during normal years) and go in search of the best wines they can find. They are responsible for discovering new producers and communicating the message of the winemaker to us. They are our storytellers. Sophie and Anne are two of our favorite people to work with.

This is why we're thrilled to kick off Women's Month by highlighting the fantastic work they do at Violette. Together they work to bring sustainably made natural wines to the US. If you've loved any of our natural wines in the past, chances are, they came from Violette. We hope you enjoy their choices as much as we do.


T H E   W I N E S 

  • Valli Unite, Ciapè, Cortese–  Bright, sunny and a little salty. It's basically the beach in a bottle. Certified Organic   Pair with some creamy Bonne Buche or a homemade Fennel Salad.
  • Fatalone, Teres, Primitivo Rosato – You'll never think about rosé the same way again. It's sticky, zippy, and delicious. Practicing Biodynamic Perfect for Spicy Gumbo & Grits.
  • Domaine Les Grandes Vignes, Le P'tit Vaillant   – This wine has us craving un sandwich au jambon. A little red currant, a little tannin. It's so good! Certified Biodynamic Pair with Lamb Stew & Tahdig.
  • Domaine des Fées, Côtes du Rhône – Light a fire and snuggle up with a glass of this juice. We are shook. Baked blackberries and fresh potting soil. Pair with Beef Shortribs & Pomme Purée.


A L T E R N A T E   R E D

  • Marques de Tomares, Rioja Excellence- DO Rioja - Rioja, Spain - 100% Tempranillo - Full bodied & Comforting. Savory and full of cinnamon, strawberries, and carne asada. This wine is perfectly balanced. Between its palate awakening acidity and soft tannins, it’s the ideal Rioja.

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