Taking Action Together: Support Beyond the Menu

Haley Fortier & Kristie Weiss, haley.henry & nathálie Wine Bar
Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, Alcove
Jodie Battles, Toro/Coppa/Little Donkey


This month we ask you to remember the long line of people that your dollars continue to support. Whether you signed up yourself or were gifted a subscription, the bottles you enjoy every month represent importers, distributors, winemakers, and farmers who worked hard to bring you the wine in your glass.

This February we hear from more of our friends who continue to face uncertainty in the restaurant industry. These people take pride in telling the stories of the producers they highlight on their menus. They want to tell you about the woman who supplies their herbs, or the vigneron whose wine is always on their list.

Remember this in your conversations with friends. Find ways of sharing exactly why you order take-out from your neighborhood joints. Set a goal. Share one meal. Post about one bottle of wine. Tag everyone. Widen their circle of exposure. Independent restaurants still need our help.

Here is how Massachusetts restaurants have been impacted by closures.

Here is where you can ask your congressperson to enact change in the legislature.

T H E   W I N E S

  • Carminucci, Grotte sul Mare, Falerio Bianco - Refreshing and savory. This squeaky clean blend of Trebbiano, Passerina, and Pecorino is the perfect wine to energize your palate. Call Toro for some Croquetas de Bacalao and Manchego.

  • Monte Rio Cellars, Skull Red Blend - THIS is a California wine. Crunchy, bold fruit that reminds us of the Old West. Plenty of dusty tannins and cherry pie in this one. If only we could get a Mezze Plate from náthalie!

  • Domaine Le Clos du Serres, Sainte-Pauline Terrasses du Larzac - There is SO much wine here! It’s a Languedoc wine for Bordeaux lovers. So many blueberries, we love it. Try it with Coppa's Cavatelli or Agnello Pizza.

  • Château Myon de l'Enclos, Moulis-en-Médoc - Talk about Bordeaux. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is impossibly chic. Fresh No. 2s, black currants, and anise. Well integrated tannins and a mineral-driven finish. Alcove's Impossible Burger would be a perfect pairing, Coppa's Tagliatelle too!


A L T E R N A T E  R E D

  • M. Chapoutier, Marius Rouge - IGP Pays d'Oc - Languedoc-Roussillon, France - Grenache & Syrah - The audacity of this wine... It is way too nuanced for the price. Black Raspberry, white pepper, and thyme. Solid tannins that keep everything in place and provide an addicting, savory finish. It's the perfect bistro red and one of our new favorites. Cozy up to some beef stew or Shepard’s Pie for this one.
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