Running Restaurants like a Woman

CURATED BY HALEY FORTIER , haley.henry & nathálie


Happy Women's Month everyone! Continuing our favorite March tradition, we're talking to our favorite woman on the Boston restaurant scene, Haley Fortier. 

Haley helped Boston fall in love with natural, low-intervention wines, tinned tuna, anchovies, & octopus. But she never pretends to be anyone she isn’t. The titles ‘chef’ and ‘somm’, today, typically apply to individuals who run kitchens or attain special certifications. And while she has spent her time in the kitchen, the position she holds transcends the lexicon.

Haley is a force. She changes the energy of a room. You feel different when you walk into one of her restaurants. You become more open minded just by sitting at one of her bars. You’re excited to be in her restaurants because you know you’re going to taste something new. If you haven’t had the chance to pop a tin of Spicy Mackerel in Piri Piri or sip on some natty orange wine made by a female winemaker, you’re missing out. As for us, we’re headed to nathálieright now.

T H E   W I N E S 
  • Il Poggio di Gavi, Gavi – Light bodied & charming. White Nectarine, Honeydew, Prickly Pear. Close your eyes and think of the ocean. This has changed our mind about Gavi. Pair with nathálie's Grilled Shrimp or Branzino Crudo.
  • Can Descregut, Corpinnat Cava– Medium bodied & sophisticated. Fresh Hay, Toasted Almond, Sea Water. There is nothing more alluring than a fleshy bubble. An absolute win for Pair with haley.henry's Lobster Mousse or your favorite potato chips (trust us). 
  • Casa de Saima, Tonel Baga –Medium bodied & sophisticated. Cinnamon sticks, allspice, walnuts. Bloody good Aglianico, and we do mean bloody. A little tar with a natty finish. Freshly Picked Rasperries, Maplewood. Baga or thirty year old Barolo? Who cares, this wine has us happy dancin'! Pair with haley.henry's Charred Broccolini Risotto.
  • Chiara Condello, Tre Vigne Sangiovese – Full bodied & irresistible. Dried Earth, Baked Strawberry, Firewood. THIS is what Sangiovese should be. Wild earth with so much warmth. Pair with nathálie's Wine Braised Octopus.
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