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It's All That Fish & Oyster

Curated by Ashley Thacker, Beverage Specialist

Deliveries begin October 17th

There are few places that garnered the affection and patronage of industry workers the way Eastern Standard did. Many of us have been awaiting the return of Garrett Harker’s restaurants. The first to open its doors is All That Fish & Oyster. Located in Fenway at 771 Beacon Street, it welcomes a steady stream of anxious diners ready for all it has to offer. This month we spoke with Ashley Thacker, the Atlanta transplant in charge of the wine list at All That.

She put together a fun and approachable list full of amazing wine to pour alongside the fresh seafood and spicy-smoky-sweet fare that fills the menu. We’re talking Seafood Chowder with coconut, hominy, & lime, Roast Duck Salad, Charred Hamachi Collar… Our mouth is watering just thinking about it. We hope you enjoy Ashley’s picks and we really hope you get yourself over to All That asap!

T H E   W I N E S
  • Cantina Settecani, Loviù Dry Lambrusco - Medium bodied & so spunky. Fresh tarragon, soft bubbles, perfect texture. This red sparkler is the perfect fall red. Dry and herby with perfectly balanced bubbles. It’s going to pair perfectly with All That’s Stuffed Sweet Peppers
  • Viños Pinol, Raig de Raim Blanco - Medium bodied & sultry. Rainier cherries, Asian pear, fresh pineapple. Subtle and briny with a lovely lingering finish. Time for chowder. Pair it with AT’s Fried Cod Cheeks. 
  • Opstal Estate, Cinsault - Light bodied & incredibly vivacious. Smoky red plums, brilliant acidity. Soft, smoky cranberry with a fun pop of acid. The chillable red of our dreams. Have to pair it with AT’s Smoky Chicken Wings. 
  • Cantina Horus, Sole E Terra Frappato - Full bodied & so solid. Baked strawberry, perfectly balanced tannins. Dried cherries, strawberry candy, beautiful tannins. Wonderfully dry, perfectly textured, very easy to drink. AT’s Soy Glazed Pork Belly is what you need with this. 
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