Let Your Hair Down At Ledger




Too often we find ourselves in conversations with customers who qualify their interest in wine by explaining that they “don’t know very much,” or aren’t “as knowledgeable as we are,” and we always shake our heads. All you need to know is what you like. The most important thing is that you’re enjoying yourself. When we open our own bottles at home, we don’t hem & haw over every aspect of a wine. We leave that for the nine to five.

The last thing we want to do on our night off with friends is swirl our glasses in the corner while everyone chats. Not sure we’ve ever done that, ha! This month we have four wines with real cachet, but they’re brought to us by a somm who never takes himself too seriously. So, let’s take a page from Scott Lefler’s book, sit back, and enjoy the wine.

T H E   W I N E S 
  • Domaine Bordenave, Souvenirs d'Enfance – Medium bodied & sleek. Creamed honey, poached pear, olive oil. Glossy smooth, sophisticated, & memorable. This white has serious texture & staying power. Pair with Ledger's Curried Cauliflower or a little Roquefort.
  • Bodegas Olivares, Altos De La Hoya – Full bodied & strapping. Anise, vanilla bean, dried dill. Earthy & robust. If this wine were a man, he would have a killer mustache. Pair with Ledger's Duck Breast or some Caña de Cabra.
  • D'Angelo, Aglianico del Vulture – Full bodied & so wild. Cinnamon sticks, allspice, walnuts. Bloody good Aglianico, and we do mean bloody. A little tar with a natty finish. Pair with Ledger's Mushroom Campanelle or a little Soppressata.
  • Antonelli, Contrario – Full bodied & muscular. Sugared violets, cherry kirsch, fresh thyme. Black olives & dried rose. An absolute mountain. Decant at breakfast, enjoy with dinner. Don't mess around, pair with Ledger's Black Angus Sirloin.
A L T E R N A T E   R E D 
  • La Colombera, La Romba Croatina – Colli Tortonesi DOC - Piedmont, Italy. 100% Croatina. An intensely spirited wine that practically dances out of your glass. Sticky tannins that cry out for aged cheese with a medley of tart plum, dried blueberry, and thyme.
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