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Curated by Trevor Smith, Chef / Owner

Deliveries start February 10th

As we do our monthly write ups for you, taste wines, and make notes, it’s easy to forget about the endgame. Every month we give you the chance to travel to four new wine regions and experience something different. Winemakers labor over fruit, acidity, and the balance of their wines. And by the time they reach us it’s our responsibility to convey to you their hard work and diligence in the vineyard so that by the time you pour their wine into your glass, what you experience is the distillation of their time and energy.

This month, Trevor Smith brings four new wines to us from Sardinia, from the Veneto, Beaujolais, and Piedmont. These are regions that surely, you are familiar with. But each of them represents a season’s worth of ploughing, picking, and vinifying. We hope you enjoy the winds as much as we do. 

T H E   W I N E S
  • Dama Del Rovere, Tremenalto Soave Classico - Light bodied & suave. Silky smooth, fresh sunflowers. Wispy, clean Garganega that has us daydreaming of springtime. Fresh sea water & yellow Starburst. Pair with Thistle & Leek’s Charred Leeks.
  • Sa Raja, Vermentino di Gallura - Medium bodied & irresistible. Glimmering Acidity, Savory, Beautiful Finish. Bright, mineral driven, and memorable. We all need to move to Sardinia. Pair with Thistle & Leek’s Trout or Citrus Salad.
  • Domaine du Pavillon de Chavannes, Côte de Brouilly Cuvee des Ambassades - Medium bodied & hypnotic. Bright, Baked Cherries, Edgy Tannins. There's a reason Gamay is our favorite. This wine is gorgeous and impactful. Pair with Thistle & Leek’s Monkfish.
  • GD Vajra, Dolcetto - Full bodied & stunning. Dried Blueberries, Sticky Tannins, Dream Dolcetto. Beautifully structured Dolcetto with perfectly balanced fruit. Feels like a cozy, rainy day. Pair with Thistle & Leek’s Hanger Steak or Meatballs.


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Sa Raja, Vermentino di Gallura $20.00
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Dama Del Rovere, Tremenalto Soave Classico $15.00
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