It's a Mucci Takeover!

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Curated byNick Mucci,Owner/Importer

Deliveries begin May 13th

Every month we talk to someone new. We feature restaurants that have just opened, we speak with new somms, wine directors, or chefs who have stories to share about what restaurant life is like in Boston. And once or twice, we’ve shown you the industry from the importer’s viewpoint. This month we’re talking to a friend. Nick Mucci, along with his brother James, imports wine from across Italy. He looks for small producers who come from regions you might not recognize and highlights wine just as deserving of your attention as the Chianti and Barolo you’re no doubt more familiar with.

Quite recently he had several of his producers in town for his (now) annual grand tasting. This May we’re bringing you our very own Mucci takeover. We’re thrilled to be able to show you so many of Nick’s amazing wines because they’re some of our all-time favorites.

T H E   W I N E S
  • Cantine Mucci, Valentino Pecorino d'Abruzzo - Pecorino's in the name for a reason. Insane salinity + balanced acid = a perfect wine. 
  • Colle Jano, Tintillo - Wispy clean at first sip, but then it goes somewhere. Love the depth of flavor. 
  • La Sabbiona, Rossa Della Torre - Bloody, juicy, simply addicting. One of our favorite reds ever.
  • Vigne Guadagno, Irpina Aglianico - Freshly ground coffee and amazing minerality. Too chic for its own good.
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La Sabbiona, Rosso della Torre Sangiovese di Romagna Sold Out
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Cantine Mucci, Valentino Pecorino d'Abruzzo $16.00
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Vigne Guadagno, Irpina Aglianico $25.00
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Colle Jano, Tintillo $24.00
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