Hospitality At All Costs



This is exactly what we want to end the year with. Gorgeous Cava that makes us rethink what we know about Champagne. A razor-sharp Txakolina that we could drink like water. A little Post-Flirtation from Martha Stoumen that you’ll want to serve every night. And an unforgettable Barbera that is so nuanced it will stop you in your tracks.

Unpretentious perfection, which is exactly what Nautilus has to offer. Wine Director, Griffin Phelan, has constructed in intriguing and diverse selection of wine from juicy Riesling Pét-Nats to the most revered red Burgundies. Despite our ever-present masks, Griffin is committed to quality service and ensuring his guests have the best experience possible. We suggest you make your reservations now.

T H E   W I N E S 

  • Avinyó, Brut Nature Reserva – Light bodied & clean. Dried peaches, brioche, wet sand. Light, dry, and toasty. Think breadcrumbs and white nectarine. Dazzling acidity, perfectly refreshing. Pair with Nautilus' Japanese Fried Chicken.
  • Gaintza, Txakolina – Light bodied & sharp. Lemon pith, maldon salt, bosc pears. Croissant dough on the nose, lemon, sea salt, and ocean air in your glass. Pair withNautilus' Octopus Salad, Hamachi Crudo.
  • Martha Stoumen, Post Flirtation Red – Medium bodied & subtle. Blackberries, pomegranate, blood orange. Santa Rosa plum, black raspberry, hibiscus. Punchy acidity up front, so smooth on the finish. This wine will be perfect with Nautilus' Rac!ette-Stuffed Peppers.
  • Iuli, Umberta Barbera – Full bodied & meaty. Anise, cherry preserves, newly split firewood. Mouth-watering, meaty black cherries with a little cedar on the finish. Gorgeous Barbera.Perfection. Pair this with Nautilus' Skirt Steak, Szechuan Eggplant!
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