Getting Natty in Somerville: Welcome to Rebel Rebel

Curated by Hannah Carrol
GM/Beverage Director 

Deliveries begin September 12th

Rebel Rebel isn't just a wine bar. It's an inclusive space run by people who understand the transformative power of wine in bringing people together. Their commitment to diversity isn't a token gesture – it's deeply woven into the fabric of the establishment's ethos. Owner Lauren Friel and her staff are a reflection of this dedication, representing a range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Her intentional hiring ensures that the team is equipped to provide patrons with a genuine experience while breaking down barriers that are often present in traditional wine spaces.

This month GM & Beverage Director, Hannah Carrol, chose four wines for you that perfectly exemplify the style of Rebel Rebel. Casual, natty, and totally delicious. Her bright and vivacious attitude she brings to her job is perfectly mirrored in her choices as we make our way into fall. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
T H E   W I N E S
  • Vigna San Lorenzo, Col Tamarie Prosecco - Light & fresh. The freshest frizzante. It's like running through a field of sunflowers. 
  • Montemelione, Bianco - Medium bodied & seductive. Brilliant acidity, so soft and smooth you don't want to stop sipping. We're in love.
  • Weninger Ponzichter MMXX - Medium bodied & punchy. Bright & vibrant with just a little friendly funk. A perfect red to start the night.
  • Catalina Ugarte, Pipeño - Almost full bodied & cozy. Warming and balanced with just enough stick. Is it fall yet?
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Montemelione, Bianco $23.00
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Vigna San Lorenzo, Col Tamarie Prosecco $23.00
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