Lindsay Howard, Wine Director at Island Creek Oyster Bar

Deliveries Begin August 3rd

How much of your personality was predetermined at birth, and to what extent did your surrounding elements shape who you are?

For people, our “elements” are circumstantial to where and how we grew up (for instance, we think guest Somm Lindsay Howard’s Southern upbringing lends a distinctly non-Bostonian delightfulness). Upbringing has a similar effect on wine (and oysters). It’s where you’re from, but also how you were raised.

This month’s wines are all elemental expressions—true to terroir, but with personalities shaped by circumstance. The unexpectedly beautiful result of chaos in the cellar; the signature minerality of an iconic winemaker in a unique vineyard; the elegance of restraint using ripe California fruit; a labor of love combining Oregon terroir with winemaking techniques mastered in Beaujolais—all given final shape by the hands of loving artisans.

Enjoy with all the elements of New England summer—clambakes, bbqs, warm sand, and good friends.  


Division Winemaking Co 'l'Avioron' Rosé of Gamay Noir
Lighter Body, Fresh
Flavors of r
ipe berries, watermelon, orange peel, and a bit of grass. The ideal French-inspired summer sipper from an up-and-coming urban winemaking team.

Jo Landron 'La Louvetrie' Muscadet
Light Body, Mineral Driven
Flavors of l
emon-lime, green apple, chamomile. An approachable, racy, mineral delight from a cornerstone producer in a heritage French region.

Long Meadow Ranch 'ICOB Cuvée' Sauvignon Blanc
Lighter Body, Ripe
Elegantly balanced tropical flavors of p
apaya, guava, key lime, and mineral. ICOB's own private collaboration with an historic historic Napa Valley producer. Available exclusively at Upper Glass and Island Creek Oyster Bar!

Dirty & Rowdy 'Unfamiliar' Mouvedre
Medium Body, Vibrant
Flavors of dark berries
, dried leaves, earth. Silky and sexy—an accidentally gorgeous crowd pleaser from a CA cult favorite. 

NOTE: Several of these wines have limited availability, so we are making them available exclusively to Upper Glass monthly subscribers until roughly August 8th. After that time, any remaining stock will be available for purchase through the website without a subscription. 

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