Discover Bin 26

Reaching the Promised Land in Beacon Hill

Curated byNader Asgari-Tari
Wine Director

*Deliveries start September 7th*


Imagine walking into a restaurant on a busy night hearing the gentle clinking of glasses and the quiet hum of conversation. You feel the quick pace of hurried servers gliding from table to table as they take orders, clear plates, and refill water glasses. We are obsessed with this quiet chaos. The sensorial experience that a successful restaurant offers is unlike anything. Add in a seemingly endless selection of meticulously curated wine and you know you’ve found the promised land.

This is the kind of evening Bin26 offers its guests. Nestled on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, it is one of the few restaurants in Boston that offers an unforgettable experience to the educated wine drinker. This month Nader Asgari-Tari picked out four lovely wines that are just a snapshot of what his list has to offer. This is one reservation you all need to make right now. 


T H E   W I N E S

  • Seehof, Spätburgunder Rosé - Light bodied & demure. Peonies, strawberry shortcake, seashells. Clean, chic, and a little bashful. This beautifully dry rosé is simply charming. Pair with Bin 26’s Bruschetta or Zucchini Carpaccio.
  • The Electric Chardonnay Acid Test -Light bodied & sharp. Preserved lemons, sea salt, granny smith. Green apples by the ocean. Find your way to a creamy Camembert and go crazy. Pair with Bin 26’s Cannellini Bean Purée or some fresh chèvre.
  • Domaine Reveille, Tous Les Oiseaux - Medium bodied & wild. Red Plums, Brand New Leather. Where's the charcuterie? You'll wish this chillable Carignan lasted forever. Pair with Bin 26’s Chicken Saltimbocca or some Speck.
  • Antonio Failoni, Rosso Piceno - Full bodied & muscular. Dried cherries, scorched earth, sun-dried tomatoes. Pair with Bin 26’s Hanger Steak or their Pappardelle.
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