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Charlie Gaeta is back to wrap up 2019 for us this year! This month we spoke with Charlie Gaeta about his role as Wine Director of Big Heart Hospitality. He’s had the job about as long as Orfano has been open. But it is clear that he has found a new home alongside Chef and Owner Tiffani Faison.

"After college I was working in finance, so I was in and out of great restaurants in New York and Boston. My curiosity motivated me to pull the curtain back to see how this whole industry worked. I had a million and a half questions. I knew it was crazy, but I started bussing tables on the weekends, working two jobs, seven days a week. I was having a blast. I was happier picking up French fries than I was analyzing stocks. I also had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what non-slip shoes were. I didn’t know you couldn’t just carry a bunch of forks in your hand without a serving tray. But I made up for it by running around like a mad man, working as hard as I could. My family was very supportive but some of my friends were like, 'You’ve ticked all these boxes, what are you doing?' But now they see how happy making other happy people makes me." -Charlie Gaeta, Big Heart Hospitality

T H E  W I N E S 

  • Briderie Cremant Rose: Refined, light body sparkling rose with notes of fresh peonu, red apple and bosc pear. Briny and coppery on the nose. Lands sharply on your palate. It's delicate but impactful. Pair this with fried green tomatoes from Sweet Cheeks! 
  • Saar Riesling Kabinett: Medium body flirtatious white wine with notes of key lime, green tea and subtle petrol. Pomelo and lime with sharp, arousing acidity. Gentle, warming bitterness for balance. Seriously addictive.  Try this with Tiger Mama's spicy Pad Gra Pow. 
  • Raisins Gaulois:  Medium body, flirtatious red with notes of anise, dried cherry and watermelon rind. A smack of Bing cherry with plucky tannins. Fennel and watermelon, very intriguing. Fool's Errand has a smoked beef tongue that would be perfect with this! 
  • Collines Rhodaniennes Syrah Full body, provocative red that is with sultry notes of cocoa and walnut become earthier as tenacious tannins ascend. We recommend Sweet Cheeks BBQ chopped brisket. 
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