Awakening Predappio: A Profile of Chiara Condello

March 04, 2022

Awakening Predappio: A Profile of Chiara Condello

The best winemakers are interested in the preservation of flavor, not in manipulation. In the tradition of the Romans who came some six hundred years before her, Chiara Condello is using centuries' old methods to make wine that represents Predappio.

She farms Sangiovese di Predappio, which is different from the Sangiovese Grosso of Tuscany. The color is more vibrant, the wines have serious aging potential, and its distinct fruit flavors all contribute to its unique personality. Her vineyards are surrounded by forests, the ocean on one side and the Apeninnes on the other. 

While the environment has a real influence on her land, the soil in Chiara’s vineyards is what shapes her wine. The Spungone that runs throughout each of her vineyards is composed of fossils, coral, and sand that was left after the ocean receded over three million years ago. She cares for her plots by farming organically, caring for the surrounding plant life alongside her vines.  

After harvest she employs her family’s minimalist techniques for crafting wine. While Chiara attributes her style to her grandfather, she recognizes that wine regulations in Predappio date back to 1383. The reason Predappio isn’t as well-known as some of its surrounding appellations is because until 2011, the wines of Predappio were counted as Sangiovese di Romagna. The Italians of her grandfather’s time fled to the coast, where opening businesses was more profitable than growing grapes, so many of their traditions were forgotten. 

Since she has started making her own wines Chiara has taken it upon herself to resurrect the ancient methods, allowing her vines to do the work as she acts as a steward of the land. She utilizes indigenous yeasts, never disturbs the wine as it ferments in vats, and uses old botti and concrete for again. This allows the wine to remain what it is, a reflection of her grapes and unique character of each growing season. 

People like Chiara excite us about the future of wine. When a winemaker allows their wine to become a true expression of the land you can taste it in your glass. Each bottle is an opportunity to feel something new. That is exactly what Tre Vigne gives you. I can’t count the number of Sangioveses I’ve tasted, but I can tell you that none have exceeded my expectations in the way that Chiara Condello’s wine has. We hope you feel the same way.

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